Paper Dimensions and Multimedia Work

About Barbara Fletcher and Paper Dimensions

There is something about the tactile sensation of fiber/fabric/paper that is very satisfying and meditative. When I began to work with fiber over twenty five years ago I knew this was the field for me. My experimentation has utilized many methods of dying, painting, batiking and photographic technique.

Initially, I began to make sculpture in fabric in a whimsical way. I am attracted to the figure and animals in particular. In the mid-1980’s after taking a fantasy illustration course at the Rhode Island School of Design my animals began to personify. This metamorphosis culminated in a wonderful commission of fantasy creatures for writer Stephen King. Animals, insects, fish, birds and other creatures combined to make fantastical forms that hung suspended over an indoor pool and on the wall of the hallway leading to the pool area. I called it my creature evolution series. One of the major influences on my art is a 16th century Dutch painter, Hieronomus Bosch. His mythical creatures are renown for their satiric and religious content.

Eventually, I left Maine, where I had been living, moved to Boston, and began to support myself as an artist full time. While living in Maine I had taken a papermaking workshop at Haystack Mt. Craft School with some well-known papermakers. I loved it and decided to make a switch from time-consuming fabric. I discovered paper casting.

Paper casting is a method of creating a clay sculpture, then making a plaster cast from the clay. With the plaster cast finished wet paper pulp can be pressed inside. As the paper dries and shrinks it pops out of the mold. Casting is a wonderful way of making limited production work. I was soon producing more realistic and humorous animal masks, ornaments and dimensional cards. In 1995, I began to sell my cards to a company in Japan. They eventually bought 1000’s of them. Recently I have enjoyed working with art consultants making one of a kind wall pieces for hospital interiors, pediatrics wards and even restaurants.

My newest body of work explores the use of light and paper texture using a method of spray pulping over wire screen.Check my commissions page for photos.